Convert to Stewardship - Christ like in heart, action & behavior



  Attendees at the conference were Gary Heimer (Pastoral Council President), Pam Kotara(Finance Council), Claudia Garcia (Finance Council), Leroy Salinas (Parish Needs & Assesment Committee), and Sylvia Martinez (Parish Secretary/Bookkeeper).


The conference was an eye opener for all of us.  The Archdiocese goal is set high and it's up to each one of our parishioners to be awakened to the loving and giving gift of 'Stewardship.  Archbiohop Gustavo stated that we should ask ourselves daily the following questions that Pope Francis asks of himself:  

'What have I done for Christ'?  'What am I doing for Christ'?  'What will I do for Christ'? 

Stewardhip is the answer...a holistic understanding to be treansformed to be Christ like in heart, action and behavior. Convert to Stewardship.  Faith is not only a Doctrine, Faith demands Action in each one of us. 

The Goal:  Link between Stewardship and Discipleship

1.  Stewardship is the core value of the Archdiocese of San Antonio, which is always greatful for the resources entrusted to us.

2.  Prayerfulness

3.  Unity